Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opening Night of Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind



Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind opened last Thursday night during Ogden After Hours. Our models Aurelia Taylor and Kelly Brenes did a fabulous job. They acted as moving galleries with brooches displayed from collar to hem!

Aurelia wore nine brooches


5th Floor Terrace 

Interacting with curious museum visitors


3rd Floor Pedestals

Rachelle's Thiewes Mirage Brooch # 349

Adjusting the brooches 


Friday, April 23, 2010

Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind and Guest Blogger: Carol Sauvion

 Bob Ebendorf, She Like Long Cut

Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind
We are thrilled to launch our new blog along with the opening of the Center for Southern Craft & Design exhibition, Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind - 24 studio art jewelers from across the country submitted two, wearable, one of a kind pieces- each artist is Southern, based on where they live, work or teach. View images and read about the show in the 4/19/10 Times Picayune article and hear Curator, Jan Katz, talk about the brooches in the exhibit. The exhibition officially opened last night with models acting as moving galleries with brooches from neckline to hem. Check back soon for videos and pictures from the event. Click here for a sneak peak of one of the models!

Artist Include in Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind
Julia Barello
Kathleen Browne
Linda Darty
Robert Ebendorf
Sandra Enterline
Pat Flynn
Don Friedlich
Susie Ganch
Heidi Gerstacker
Joanna Gollberg
Arthur Hash
Thomas Mann
Valerie Mitchell
Anya Pinchuk
Natalya Pinchuk
Biba Schutz
Joyce Scott
Sondra Sherman
Majorie Simon
Rachelle Thiewes
Linda Threadgill
Marlene True
Kiwon Wang

 Guest Blogger: Carol Sauvion
And, we are honored to have as our first guest blogger, Carol Sauvion, owner of Freehand Gallery and Executive Director of the PBS Documentary, Craft in America.

 4/17/2010 - Weaver Jim Bassler at Craft in America Study Center
 I am so happy to be writing for the Ogden Museum, Center for Southern Craft & Design Blog! The launch of the blog coincides with Craft in America's trip to New Orleans to film Tom Mann and discover the craft that makes New Orleans a unique part of the American craft scene. I'll give you a brief overview of our work at Craft in America and our plans for New Orleans. To learn more please visit our website or visit Tom Mann's website.   

We at Craft in America are passionate about the handmade! We are a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California with a mission to increase awareness of craft and artists who dedicate their lives to the handmade. The cornerstone of our effort is a documentary series that has been shown nationwide on PBS. If you haven't seen Craft in America, you can watch all five episodes on And, if you are ever in Los Angeles, you are invited to come visit our Stud Center full of resources, exhibitions, and monthly artist talks.

Season Three of Craft in America has just been giving the green light by PBS and New Orleans will be our first shoot, where we'll learn about Tom Mann's art and his dedication to the revival of New Orleans. After Katrina, Tom spent weeks driving around the city, gathering pieces he then used to create a series of 3-D panels called Storm Cycle. Each panel tells a different story - of abandoned pets, rescue boats landing on roofs, and ghostly presences. You can see all of the Storm Cycle panels on Flickr.  

We are also looking forward to visiting the Ogden Museum. Jan Katz, Curator, the Center for Southern Craft & Design, has promised to give us a guided tour of New Orleans craft!

Jazz Fest will be in full swing when we arrive in New Orleans on April 24th  What a great time to visit NOLA! If you find yourself in the Crescent City, make sure to visit the Ogden Museum, Center for Southern Craft & Design and Tom Mann's gallery, Gallery I/O on Magazine Street.

Carol Sauvion
Executive Director
Craft in America

Coming Up Next Month:

A 360 Degree tour of the Center with Curator, Jan Katz, and Manager of the Center, Elizabeth Bowie.

Also, an overview from Jan- observations and videos of artists at the ACC show, some impressions of the SNAG conference, CODA conference and the Center for Craft Creativity and Design Windgate Fellowship panel.

So bookmark us and visit often!