Friday, July 23, 2010

Joanna Gollberg

This week's entry marks the beginning of a 10 week series based on interviews I did at the ACC show in Baltimore 2010.  Each artist was asked the same question, "how do you define yourself?" We start the series with Joanna Gollberg, since this week marks the end of the Center"s Brooching the Subject: One of a Kind exhibition and Joanna was part of it. 

I thought it important to honor another member of the exhibition, Marcia Macdonald  today with this launch. Marcia was too sick to send in her work for the show but I told her that her name would be on the wall and in all printed materials  anyway- and that next year she would be the first artist invited to participate. Next year we will dedicate the exhibition to the memory of this wonderful artist, teacher and human being.

Check back with us each week to hear and see a different artist talk about themselves, their work and the field. Let us hear from you define yourself as an artist, collector or an admirer of craft and design.

A huge thank you to the Crunchy Bugs Creative guys for their editing genius and for making these videos look professional. 


Joanna Gollberg from Crunchy Bugs Creative on Vimeo.

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